Greenery That Thrives In Sunrooms

When it comes to livening up your spaces with greenery, what better place could there be than a sunroom? Think about it, a professional for sunroom installations in Tulsa, OK, will have sunlight streaming into your room. Therefore, if you want to see your plants thrive, this is the place to keep them.

However, with so many house plants out there, choosing ones for your sunroom can be difficult. So we’ve put together a list of the plants that make ideal year-round additions to your space!

African Violets

African violets have to put up a fight for nutrients against other plants when they grow in soil. However, if given their pot, they make for bright and happy indoor additions. Consider placing a potted African violet on your desk, if you have one.


Begonias are annual plants making them the perfect addition to your sunroom. That said, these colorful flowers do require a bit more attention in terms of light, shade, and water.

So, ensure to water these sensitive beauties at the roots and not over the leaves to prevent rot.

Boston Ferns

Bostons ferns are gorgeous additions to all sunspaces because of their versatility. You may choose to hang them from baskets or even place them in large rolling pots.

Regardless of where you keep them, be sure that they will add a burst of greenery to your space. After all, the dense and lush green leaves are hard to miss.

These plants do require a humid environment to survive. So if you live in a dryer place, ensure to spray them with a bottle to keep the soil moist.


Cacti are the perfect plants for those who don’t have too much time to care for their plants. All they need is sunlight, which is plenty in a sunroom. Also, their water requirement is minimal.

Final Thoughts

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A touch of greenery can transform a sunroom. Other plants like hibiscus, orchids, passion flowers and peace lilies also make for spectacular sunroom additions.